Made to Measure Suits


This exclusive service allows you to craft your period correct suit using vintage pattern grading systems and the finest British fabrics. From the number of buttonholes to the selection and placement of buttons, from pocket styles to waistband features, and to a plethora of further customisable options, you hold complete dominion over every aspect of your suit. Delve into a world of limitless possibilities, exploring thousands of combinations to create the ideal suit, tailored precisely to your exact measurements and unique style.


Cathcart presents a meticulous yet simple online system for the made-to-measure process.

One initially selects their desired suit style, then fabric of choice. Next, one selects all the features and trims to accompany their style (i.e. pocket style, button stance) and finally inputs their measurements based on their best fitting garments to create the perfect fit. Please read our blog "How We Measure" to learn how to take your key measurements.

Overall, no details are spared with this intuitive made-to-measure system. Indeed, down to the very last button, we offer individuality to the fullest. Every intricate feature is attended to.


After your suit has been designed and then ordered, a unique personalised pattern will be drafted for you exclusively, including every feature of your suit which will be cut and sewn by hand. Additionally, your chosen cloth will be closely examined for any imperfections. Your tailored goods will be crafted over a period of 5-7 weeks, and then be delivered to your door ready to wear.

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