Bruno Aklil

Bruno Aklil


My name is Bruno, 33 years old, I live in Switzerland. When I am not managing projects in my office, I go climbing, hiking, enjoying this beautiful Swiss natural kindergarden.

Mountain Top Selfie

Bruno takes an incredibly cool selfie.

How did you get interested in vintage fashion/classic styles/menswear?

It started when I was a teenager! I started to love old mountain and climbing adventures from the 20s, 30, and 40s. I then started to collect mountain and climbing artifacts and one day I asked myself, why not try to test this old climbing equipment? It was at that moment I started to learn about period sports fashion for climbers and skiers.

The black and white Swiss mountain side

A black and white Swiss mountain side.

Tell us about Alpine Classic? How did it start? What do you do?

Alpine Classique is a vintage winter sports event that has been taking place in Chamrousse, close to Grenoble in France since 2015. Sebastien, the founder succeeded to offer an event where period fashion, skiing and classic car enthusiasts meet. It’s a unique event that brings together hundreds of enthusiasts of old vintage cars, motorcycles, scooters, and vintage skiing every year. At my level, I am a simple participant who supports the founder to promote the vintage ski slalem.

What else in the vintage scene interests you?

I try to plan period climbing events for my network. We have a group of friends acting under the name of "RetroClimbing38". We plan challenging mountain trips to be performed with elegance. The objective is really to experience climbing differently. It is an important sportive challenge as well in terms of security and alpine techniques.

What is the favourite vintage garment in your wardrobe?

I really love my ski dark blue crossed original jacket, from a 1920s German manufacturer. It is so typical of ski outfits from the 1920s/30s.

Bruno in a suit on the mountain

Some seriously dapper ski gear.

How would you describe your personal style?

Altitude and style! (…in modern or vintage outfits!)

What is your ‘go to’ look?

I try to match my look to classic climbers and skiers. I am not so much an urban guy, but I have slowly started to collect period suits as well, it is a new curiosity for me.

Bruno in climbing gear

Safety first, Bruno!

Tell us about the others things you collect

Mainly climbing and skiing equipment: boots, skis, sticks, crampons, ice axes, ropes, tents, etc… after collecting them for some time, I took the decision start to using them!

How did you discover SJC?

I was looking for excellent production of vintage style and I came across SJC totally by chance! I only had to look at the first spearpoint collar polo to I know I found the right place!

What’s your favourite SJC garment?

The Brookland Jacket for sure. Comfortable and with high-quality details. I guess SJC designed it to be a city jacket, but I think it is a perfect skiing jacket as well!

SJC Brookland Jacket on Bruno

Rocking the Brookland jacket in the snow.

What do you like about SJC and why is it appealing to you?

SJC keep an interesting turnover in the collections and the precision and detail of the items match the period approach perfectly. SJC is an excellent way to be smartly dressed in a style long forgotten!

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