Time Gentlemen Please!

Time Gentlemen Please!

Time Gentlemen Please!

A key consideration for many gentlemen is how to pair their favourite horological pieces with their attire. Indeed, a watch should be chosen or changed to match a man’s mood and his clothes. Don’t tell me you’re one of those bums with only one watch! This guide will explore what kind of timepieces you should sport with certain attires on certain occasions.

Very formal times

When thinking about morning dress or white tie attire, ‘dress’ watches often spring to mind. Small, elegant wristwatches on leather straps. However, we would instead recommend the pocket watch. Attached by chain to the breast pocket or waistcoat, pocket watches pair sublimely with a morning or evening tailcoat. In steel or gold, with enamel or engraving- one simply cannot fail with the timeless pocket watch in the most formal of occasions. Less is more in such scenarios.

Formal times

This is where the wristwatch comes into play. For black tie attire you will want to be wearing a fine wristwatch. Like in the case of white tie, both steel and gold watches are great choices, but remember gentlemen not to mix your metals. Ensure the cufflinks and other jewellery you are sporting matches your timepiece. A watch on a polished metal bracelet is preferable, though a leather strap (perhaps crocodile) works excellently also. Smaller diameter timepieces (30mm-36mm) are recommended when wearing black tie. There’s nothing goofier than sporting a 45mm dive watch and a dinner jacket!

Informal times

The category with the greatest amount of options. Depending on your situation, there are various watch and strap combinations to suit your attire and the occasion. For everyday casual wear, e.g. denim jeans, a leisure jacket, we recommend a sturdy, robust timepiece in steel that is waterproof and shockproof. Metal bracelets with a brushed finish pair well with such attire. 

For more sporty affairs, like a game of tennis or embarking on an expedition, a NATO strap or a rubber strap is in order. The NATO- a nylon strap created by the British Ministry of Defence in the early ‘70s- is highly versatile and will suit an adventurous lifestyle. The rubber strap takes it a step further, being often paired with divers watches, and is perhaps the most casual strap a watch could be paired with. On such straps you will want to sport a watch with high water resistance and shock tolerance, in metals like steel or titanium. Larger case diameters are totally acceptable (36mm+) for high legibility and a more casual look.


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