About Us

Our Values, Ethics and Standards

Our manufacturing partners have been awarded the following certifications:

These certificates from the International Organisation of Standardisation, a body that awards the best North American and European manufacturers, demonstrate that Cathcart London's partners operate in excellent working conditions. Our workers are treated with respect and are paid a fair wage.

Cathcart London does not work with manufacturers that do not meet such standards, and opposes the exploitation of workers that operate in poor conditions. Additionally, our products are made with all-natural materials and are 100 per-cent biodegradable. Our manufacturing partners meet the ISO 145001 Environmental Management standard, and greatly limit their carbon footprint by sourcing fabrics within close proximity to their factories.

We at Cathcart London know how much damage plastic can do. That is why we have taken a step forward by using corn starch bags as packaging for our products. Additionally, we use cardboard boxes for larger orders with the mailing address on the outside (without a plastic shipping bag). This method of shipping uses 0 per-cent plastic and is another step forward for a cleaner planet.


Our Vision

The vision for Cathcart goes beyond just dressing with style - we want men to take on a different mindset: one which sees apparel not as a ’fashion’ item but an investment for dressing and living well. This means creating garments that have been curated from across the entire spectrum of the best of classic menswear.

The features, details and cut of Cathcart Heritage garments may be different to what you are used to seeing or wearing. They are the product of careful consideration, skilled design and rigorous development by us in our London design studio. They are timeless in style and we hope they will delight you with their quality and attention to detail.

Take for example how we weave our own cloth; often what inspires us are the unusual patterns and weaves which take ordinary materials such as cotton or wool, and transform them into the heavy, colourful and classic cloth we use to make our garments. We like to play with texture and colour, often finding ourselves fascinated with how, in a certain check or stripe pattern, a single colour in the yarn can totally transform the entire overall look of the weave. 

We believe that by offering something truly different yet with a proven track record of being appealing to men, we can inspire them to think differently about style, true ‘quality’ and the limitations of menswear (note: there are none!).

In doing so, we feel that small moments of our everyday leisure can be enjoyed to the full.


Company Information

SJC London Ltd, registered in England and Wales with company number 10876051 and VAT registration number 282116224.