Our collections are inspired by classic tailoring and British heritage. While we produce garments that are modern and versatile in style, we often look back on designs of the past, mostly from the first half of the 20th century. Whether by cut or by the fabric, our garments offer something different and unique in a quickly emerging sartorial market.

We take what’s best in our tradition, placing it in a new context and creating a new definition of timeless elegance. Our designs are very versatile - varying from classic tailoring to sartorial workwear or sportswear.

SJC is a brand rooted in London’s rich history - from elegant styles eponymous of Mayfair or Chelsea, to the heritage of British industrial revolution and the city’s working class. We produce knitwear influenced by the patterns of warm and practical garments worn by British sailors and Scottish islanders throughout the decades, and styles popularized by young, fashionable, sporty men in pre-war Britain’s academic cities.

We pride ourselves in our unique textile design: many of the fabrics that we use are woven exclusively for our collections, based on our own patterns or copying original fabrics from our textile archives. Bringing them into a new context allows to achieve a new quality when it comes to classic menswear. It makes our clothing one-of-a-kind. 


SJC garments are made exclusively of natural fibre fabrics, such as wool, cotton, silk, linen and viscose. It makes them comfortable and long-wearing. Natural fibres have properties that synthetic fibres could never match: they let the air through, allowing the wearer’s skin to ‘breathe’ and absorb moisture. They are also fully biodegradable, which means that they do not contribute to toxic landfills. Wool provides and keeps warmth, it is elastic and resilient. It has a high absorbency and offers perfect protection from wet weather. Its fibres can be shrunk or stretched to shape for tailoring purposes. Cotton and linen are comfortable to wear in hot weather and humid climate; linen has natural cooling properties and offers good protection from sunlight. Both are durable, long-wearing and soft. Whereas silk is one of the most luxurious fabric choices, lustrous  and pleasant to wear, the linings of our garments are usually made of viscose satin, more durable, but maintaining silk’s smoothness and breathability. Viscose is made of cellulose fibers, and although man-made, it is recyclable and comfortable to wear. 

When producing our clothes, we aim for a high-end finish that you would not see in garments produced for the mass-market. They often feature small details that make them stand-out from other ready-to-wear products, such as curtain waistbands, buttoned fronts and fishtails backs of the trousers, bound seams, hand-stitched finishes and more. This not only contributes to a more elegant look, but also improves the fit and the durability of the garments. 


SJC strives to be environmentally conscious and not to contribute to the creation of landfill. We aim for zero-waste policy and launch only a limited number of items per year. We support the concept of slow fashiona term developed in the 2000s, defining a fashion movement that serves as an alternative to prevailing fast fashion.

Fast Fashion, which we oppose, is a garment production and retail model, where designs from catwalks are quickly captured and transferred to ready-to-wear clothing stores. To maximize profit, the garments are usually made of low-quality synthetic fabrics, and the designs are simplified in order to make them quick and easy to produce. By minimizing the costs of production, the retailers can lower the price of the garments, thus convincing the consumers to buy them on a regular basis and in large quantities.

The name fast fashion also means that the clothing is quickly disposed of, as the customers need to continue buying new pieces to keep up with the quickly changing trends. Low quality materials mean that the garments don’t last long in their original form, and because they are usually made of synthetic fibres, once disposed, they end up in landfills, unable to decompose and polluting the environment. 

Being against the idea of fast fashion, we produce clothes that can last a lifetime. Our classic cuts and timeless designs create a type of clothing that never goes out of style. 

Investing in good quality items made in natural fibres is a part of a more sustainable way of living, which relates back to our fascination with the early 20th century lifestyle, when people were more aware of the way they built their wardrobe.


Last year we introduced fully recyclable packaging - cardboard boxes and corn-starch bags in which we ship our orders. It is just another step on our way to become as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. We are constantly improving the way that we operate, and we are proud to share our efforts. 

















This month we are launching two new products - pleated King Cole Linen Trousers and King Cole Glen Check Jackets. As always with SJC, there is an interesting story behind the design. 

The fabric pattern has been copied from an original pair of men’s trousers dating back to the second half of the 19th century. The trousers come from Calcutta, and are a part of the SJC fashion collection. Seeing the beautiful, lightweight cotton in an uncommonly small glen plaid, we decided to use the design and incorporate it into one of our classic, modern lightweight jackets for Spring/Summer. The small Glen Check cottonin blue and white has been woven especially for SJC.

The name Glen Check or Glen Plaid has been used since 1926, but it originated in the valley of Glenurguhart in Inverness-shire, Scotland, where it was first used in the 19th century by the New Zealand-born Countess of Seafield. Glen plaid is also known as the Prince of Wales check, as it was popularized by the Duke of Windsor when Prince of Wales.


The jacket is half-lined using cotton fabric, which makes it very light and comfortable to wear in warm weather. The sleeve lining is made of viscose satin, to make the jacket easier to slip on, while remaining comfortable and breathable. The high-end finish features hand-stitched sleeve lining and inside seam binding.



The Cream Linen Trousers feature a classic, wide-legged cut with a pleated front and two side straps with buckles. Their light weight and colour makes them a perfect choice for the warmer months, as they can be paired with different types of shirts and jackets, depending on the occasion. 


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