SJC Goes to Henley

SJC Goes to Henley

The British Summer Social Season is in full swing and with the ever-improving weather and sartorial opportunities aplenty, we at SJC thought we would get in on the action.

This year’s Henley Royal Regatta was a real treat with Simon and the guys getting the opportunity to enjoy some of the best of what Henley had to offer. 

First established in 1839, The Henley Royal Regatta is an international rowing competition and was the first of its kind. It lasts for five days in the lead up to the first weekend of July, on a course 1 mile 550 yards long, with over 40 fixtures on Saturday alone.

Besides great weather and good company, we were lucky enough to have access to the Phyllis Court Club - Henley’s premier riverside private members club - and their exclusive enclosure with an unbroken view of the finish line.

The Phyllis Court Club dress code requires that all members and guests wear a jacket and tie with either tailored trousers or chinos at all times. With all the usual modern variations of this dress code on display, we decided to liven things up a little with the SJC Summer '19 Collection. 

 A fantastic celebration of an historic sport - The Royal Regatta at Henley is something truly special. Keep an eye out for SJC at the next event on your social calendar!


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