Marc Chevalier

Marc Chevalier


My name is Marc Chevalier: I am an English teacher who lives in Los Angeles, California. My interests include 20th-century architecture and Southern California history.

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Marc lights up in classic style.

When did the vintage revival in the US begin? And why?

The vintage revival began in the U.S. in the late 1950s, when a couple of artsy but affluent Greenwich Village residents began to find, buy, and resell vintage 1920s raccoon coats. Roaring ‘20s nostalgia was an undercurrent of American culture from the late ‘40s onward, and these first “vintage merchants” rode the coattails of the trend.

What is it about American vintage that makes it so popular around the world?

American vintage variously represents a national culture’s 20th-century wealth, industrial might, and/or postwar prosperity to those whose own countries had been less fortunate during that century. American vintage items are fantasy talismans whose imagined potency rubs off on their non-American wearers.

How did you get interested in vintage fashion/classic styles/menswear? Was it a particular moment?

I loved history and theatre. Vintage combined the two for me. My interest was sparked when I inherited some very old hats and garments from my great-grandmother’s late husband.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style, when in vintage, is 1930s and ‘40s dressiness. I am drawn to the eras’ headwear, suits, sportcoats, ties, dress shirts, dress shoes, and formal eveningwear.

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Marc looking particularly Californian whilst having a smoke on the terrace.

Who has been your biggest style influence?

Samuel Goldwyn.

What are your most treasured pieces?

My suits and overcoats by Fifth Avenue’s finest merchant tailoring houses, all of which closed long ago.

How did you discover SJC?

It discovered me. Simon Cathcart, SJC’s founder, contacted me directly and asked that I get involved.

Tell us what you like about SJC?

I like SJC’s determination to swim against the current of megalithic, conformist fa$hion, and against the industry’s attendant infrastructure which does everything to beat back or water down businesses like SJC’s. Others give up: SJC gets back up, goes back into the fray, and improves itself.

What’s your favorite SJC garment?

Hands down, it’s the “King Cole” 1930s-style summer suit. Superb fabric!

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