Mark Large

Mark Large


Hello, my name is Mark. I am a qualified decorator who specifically works on heritage projects in and around London. I’m lucky enough to work on, and appreciate up close, many beautiful buildings, which most of the general public don’t get to see.

Mark Large in Cream Vanderbilt

Mark rocking the Cream Vanderbilt suit.

How did you get interested in vintage fashion/classic styles/menswear?

As a pre-teenage kid, first seeing mods in the late 70’s revival really sparked an interest in what clothes I wanted to wear and British street style. Modernism gave me a love of the classic timeless items associated with various trends or tribes.

Where did your fascination for RRL come from? and what keeps you going back for more?

I started buying Ralph Lauren when a modernist shop I frequented stocked some of the Polo range one summer when I was a (much) younger man.

Eventually moving from Polo, to Purple Label and then to the Double RL range. As Double RL draws inspiration from classic items and a broad spectrum of Americana, this seemed to fit with me and my style. I guess I found vintage through Double RL, they recreate some vintage pieces and are heavily inspired by original vintage classics.

Was there ever a ‘golden period’ for RRL? and why?

For me the golden era of Double RL was when they had their own London store on Mount Street, it was a beautiful store with great original fixtures and fittings, it always felt like an experience when I shopped there.

The company is producing some fantastic items that aren’t available from anywhere else. This keeps me coming back for more. My favourite items are always changing depending on what I’ve recently bought or am looking to buy. At the minute there’s a great leather and blanket weave jacket being released later this year that’s caught my eye, I also love the current ladies chimayo jacket they’ve done, it’s probably the best repro chimayo you could get.

What is your ‘go to’ look?

I wouldn’t really say I have a ‘go to’ look other than a broad description of ‘Americana’ and ‘heritage’.

How did you discover SJC?

I guess I probably first found SJC on Instagram, the first thing I bought were the ‘deco polos’ which I still love. The details and fabric are just so good.

What’s your favourite SJC piece? why?

I bought a Vanderbilt 3-piece suit in cream linen last year with the intention of wearing it at this Easter’s Viva Las Vegas rockabilly weekender, which is now rapidly approaching. I can’t wait to get the suit on now as it’s long overdue.

What would you like to see SJC make?

I’d love to see Simon revisit the deco polos as he knows I need to replace one, other than that he always recreates great pieces so I always look forward to what he’ll do next. I know my wife Helen would like to see him do some bags and more of the wide leg chinos.

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