The Deco Polo

The Deco Polo

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Summer is here and the Deco Polo is back. Now in a lovely waffle-knit which is exceptionally comfortable thanks to its unique and luxurious texture, we are excited to have the Deco Polo return for its third iteration for Summer ’19.

Originally the Deco Polo was inspired by a need to bring together all the different realms of the vintage scene that SJC has long been established in. There was need for a garment that could be worn with a tailored jacket and trousers, various workwear ensembles or simply a pair of classic chinos. A garment that could look good across all pockets of the vintage scene: rockabillies, Art Deco types, workwear, swing dancers and so on. It has to be a staple: easy to pair with outfits, low maintenance and a good fit on men and women of all shapes and sizes. 

Despite this seemingly impossible task, the Deco Polo surpassed all expectations and transformed SJC into the international sensation it is today. It offers both men and women the opportunity dress confidently in classic style every day. Now, in the fourth year of the Deco Polo, we thought we would explore its evolution over the years.


1st Generation (Spring/Summer 2016)

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Bold and daring, the Deco Polo took the vintage scene by surprise, offering a garment that many hadn’t realised they had been looking for all along. It was an instant hit.

Originally born from SJC’s move into classic leisurewear, the Deco Polo was made from a soft and durable, 230 gram, 100% bamboo-fibre cloth and featured a full spearpoint collar, loop-closure placket and marled cats eye buttons.


2nd Generation (Spring/Summer 2017)

The second generation of the Deco Polo built on the successes of the first.

With a refined spearpoint collar and a longer placket with three (now mother-of-pearl) buttons and in a wider range of colours, the Deco Polo was even more versatile than its predecessor. 

It was the second generation that saw the Deco Polo be adopted more widely throughout the vintage scene, bringing a staple to a wider audience than just enthusiasts of the ‘Golden Age’ of classic menswear, to those whose interests extended into other decades and styles.  


The Long Sleeve Polo (Autumn/Winter 2017-18)

After a second Summer of success for the Deco Polo, we knew it was to become a classic. All that was needed was the introduction of a long-sleeve variant so that the Deco Polo could be enjoyed all year round.

Made from a heavier bamboo weave than the summer variant, it was a great mid-season alternative to the traditional polo shirt and could be layered to make a hearty winter-warmer.


3rd Generation (Spring/Summer 2019) 

We know the old adage, ‘If it ain't broke, don't fix it’. The Deco Polo in bamboo was the perfect weight, cut and finish. However, when the new cotton waffle-weave was discovered, we knew what we had to do.

Light and breathable, luxuriously comfortable and in four distinctive colours made with a quality recognisable even from afar, the Deco Polo has been elevated to a whole new level. 

Some features, such as loop-closure placket and three Mother of Pearl cat’s eye buttons have remained the same since the second generation. Changes were made to the collar, refining and narrowing it into a subtle and sophisticated spearpoint, and technical alterations to accommodate the new cloth. 


Obsessed with the past but always looking forward to the future… 

Ultimately, the success of the Deco Polo reveals to us all two key truths. The first, that classic style is alive and well in a flourishing, international vintage scene. The second, that despite the continued mainstream popularity of modern polo shirts, which have had little to no innovation since the middle of the century, there is clearly a desire for a polo shirt that offers something different. 

This desire is not just found within our diverse and eclectic vintage community, but beyond. Our vision is to offer an open invitation to reclaim classic menswear, and no garment has been as truly aligned with that vision than the Deco Polo. 


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