2019 - Next Steps

2019 - Next Steps

What’s next for SJC?

It's been a busy 2019. SJC has come a long way since it began back in 2013. What started as a passionate hobby has now grown into a fully-fledged business that continues to go from strength to strength.

A sneak peak from the SS19 collections.

With the Outlet now closed some of you may be wondering, what's next for SJC? Simon and the team have been quietly working away on a number of exciting new projects and as we move into the launch of Spring/Summer 2019 (SS19), with new stock arriving each week, we feel the time is right to announce what’s in store for the coming year.


In response to the global effort to reduce the use of non-recyclable plastics, cellophane and other synthetic materials, we have revised our packaging entirely.

For UK shipping we are introducing boxes which are made from 100% recycled cardboard, and are printed with non-toxic environmentally friendly ink. For international shipping we will soon be rolling out new bags made from corn starch, which is fully biodegradable (although corn starch itself is edible, please don’t make tacos out of them!).

We look forward to the future as much as we enjoy looking back to the past. These changes represent our continued engagement with your concerns and the new efforts we are making to grow responsibly and sustainably.

New Collections

As you know SJC has been making quality workwear, tailoring and leisurewear for some time now. But it has been a goal to create a full menswear collection that would cater to the requirements of an audience as sartorially informed and diverse as ours. So we did. As the needs of the SJC community have grown, so has the scope and range of our offering. For the SS19 launch we have decided to expand the size of our catalogue and create three unique collections.

We've got some interesting garments in the pipeline.

London This core collection is an embodiment of the leisurely gentleman’s wardrobe. It is inspired by the men of the early 20th century who were fortunate enough to enjoy recreational sports, seek adventure in exotic locations and wear fine clothing. The London Collection reflects this with the latest generation of our iconic polo shirts, casual chinos, soft tailoring and a new line of knitwear.

Workhouse Workhouse is SJC at its finest. This summer we have returned to our roots with a new range of dark indigo denim, this time in even earlier styles that have not been made in this indulgent, slubby denim.

The Workhouse collection will also include a new and improved workwear suit in a chocolate and cream vaughan stripe and an early open weave cotton with a cabernet stripe. There are also new chambray work shirts and beautiful herringbone twill work trousers. Workhouse SS19 is a collection we are particularly proud of with our best fit, design and manufacture to date.

Tailoring Our flagship line, SJC Tailoring is the culmination of years of painstaking creative development, technical refinement and collaboration with collectors and industry leaders. This year our tailoring will include a number of new summer suits in a variety of new colours, wonderful linen shirts and the debut of the first SJC single breast English tweed sports jacket.

Lara by SJC

Lara by SJC represents our much anticipated, long overdue venture into classic womenswear. We have developed a full line with the same principles and methods that have made our menswear such a success.

We're all excited for the launch of Lara!

By canvassing the first half of the 20th century for inspiration, not limited by style nor decade, we have created an eclectic collection that restores a certain classicism in womenswear that hitherto has not been available.


CATHCART is doing British, better.

For a long time, Simon has lamented at the way contemporary young men and women dress themselves with the weak offerings from the high street. If SJC was born of Simon’s love of classic style and apparel, then Cathcart is the manifestation of a desire to see young men and women dress well once more.

The decline of traditional wisdom has left young men and women unable to dress or behave properly, leaving a personality vacuum which has been filled by a shallow sense of self and the pursuit of petty pride (and far too much polyester). For us, dressing confidently with a classic style is the ultimate suit of armour against the noises of modern life, and a way to take a stance against all that comes with it.

Get ready for CATHCART.

To fulfill this vision we have looked to create a collection that is classic in cloth, silhouette and style, yet ultimately still appeals to a more contemporary sensibility. For us, the appropriate inspiration is to be sought and found in the twilight years of the ‘Golden Age’ of British apparel.

We frequently see other brands attempting to create heritage-inspired garments for a contemporary audience, yet each time they fall short at two fundamental hurdles: key design features are often discarded, which blurs the original style, and the quality of the chosen fabrics is often poor, leaving much to be desired. The original ‘spirit’ of the garment tends to be lost amid the current of fast fashion trends and vapid contemporary style.

What CATHCART does differently is that it goes back to the roots of classic garments and revives iconic styles, patterns and features. We have created a balanced collection that is true to classic British apparel and therefore, doing British, better.

It’s our most ambitious undertaking yet, launching Autumn 2019.


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